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Find out what’s new in the design of the iPhone 14


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A new round perforated screen and round screen that streamlines the notch design will debut on the next iPhone 14 Pro versions. This has been proven by countless pieces of evidence, and the most recent image posted by Ice Universe on Twitter clearly shows everyone the replacement.

Known leaker Ice Universe shared a picture of what appears to be a phony iPhone 14 Pro on Twitter, emphasizing the new notch design. On the left is a pill-shaped incision, and on the right is a punched-out round hole. The former will incorporate Face ID components and probably come in a uniform black color, so users won’t be able to see the pill’s internal incisions. The selfie camera, which is visible like on modern iPhones, will be covered by the circular hole.

Apple’s current TrueDepth technology truly has no competition with this design on the iPhone 14 Pro, which aims to offer users safe 3D facial verification. Since Apple released the iPhone X, a number of Android handset manufacturers have attempted to imitate it. However, Google’s Pixel 4 is a shining example of how these Face ID substitutes never truly took hold as a standard feature.

Apple must transition to a pill-shaped design with a round hole since the TrueDepth system is crucial in order to make sure it functions in the context of a more straightforward notch design. It would be an iPhone with front-facing parts tucked behind the display’s active regions.

Making holes in the iPhone 14 Pro’s screen will also offer it a wholly unique appearance that Android suppliers haven’t yet imitated. The iPhone will be visible to everyone as the phone with the two cutouts at the top.

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