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DwarvenCraft Mod 1.3.2 – Views: 6,711


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Download DwarvenCraft Mod 1.3.2 – Views: 6,711 – Awesome! Credit & Author: Volgon8 – Views: 6,711

DwarvenCraft Mod 1.3.2 will ultimately provide a more dwarfy experience in Minecraft.

What this Mod does is make you live like a Dwarf. You can make stone and metal rods and tools, a reinforced version of the materials that is faster and lasts longer than regular tools, replaces many (and soon to be all) items that require wood with a stone/iron substitute, and Some other stuff that I forget to mention.

  • 8 new stone types each with a cobblestone variant
  • All the new rocks are able to make tools, workbenches, etc. so there is no need for wood.
  • All stones can be made into generic tools

When you make half slabs and workbenches they will be appropriately textured for the type of rock you use.(See media post)
*furnace, Stairs, etc, are in progress with this feature.

Will this work with <insert mod that adds ores>- I believe so, if not just post it so I can get something worked up.



  • Added in Plump Helmet drops as it was forgotten

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