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Automatic voice acceleration


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Create a simple voice for your presentation

2 new controls on the screen of the Voice Editor.

Using sliders can reduce auto-acceleration to a minimum or even eliminate it all together. The level you choose (0-20%) allows the motor to accelerate, but only if necessary. This means that if you allow 10%, then (only when needed) the engine will auto accelerate to match the subtitle’s timing, at a maximum of 10%. If it’s still not enough, the engine will start lagging, till it will have enough space between the subtitles to catch up. This is basically the same behaviour any professional narrator will do, if the amount of content needed to voices, exceeds the timing available, e.g. when dubbing a German video with the original is in English, the speaker will need to accelerate in most sentences, because German is approximately 20% longer than English…

Here’s a story, which I mentioned in an earlier blog post that signifies the importance of this issue: During the 60s, the Americans started exporting movies to West Berlin and were dubbed to German. Since German language is around 20% longer than English, the narrators had to speak 20% faster… In the 80s, when the Berlin wall was teared down, you could differentiate a West Berliner to an East Berliner, just by the natural speed of their speech.

Add a simple voice with music background to presentation

Another feature we recently added is the original actor’s volume while voice-over slider, which gives you the ability to modify the background voice volume after the project was run.

To sum up, here are our rules of thumb for this filter:

  • If you want to keep the music and effects unharmed, or if you have a clean M&E track (i.e. music and effects background without any human voice), keep the value at 100%. Our engine will not filter any of the audio, keep that value above 90%
  • Below 50% you will remove some the music and effects from the sound track, till 0% which will produce clean silence as a background to the digitised voices
  • If you want to keep the original voice at a lower volume while having the digitised voices stronger than the background volume, keep the value between 60%-90%. Our engine will its best to keep the music and effects in the background while focusing on removing most of the human voice

Controlling the automatic voice acceleration of your presentation will make your video more engaging and thrilling, which in turn will attract a lot of viewers.


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