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All About Receiptify And How To Get Your Receiptify Receipt


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#1. Receiptify for Spotify users

With a reasonable price, Sportify the most popular streaming service today. You may listen to and download music from musicians from all over the world. Receiptify can only get data from accounts that are either paid or unpaid on Spotify. Nowadays, opening a Spotify account is really simple, and the first three months of premium service are even free. If you don’t yet have a Spotify account, you may still access it on other services like and Apple Music.

#2. Receiptify for Apple Music users

Since Apple Music only publishes your top albums for a limited amount of time, it’s a little difficult for Apple Music subscribers to get your Receiptify receipt. You are not allowed to pick your ranking time, top songs, or top artists. Michelle Liu, the founder of the app, claimed that the Receiptify team was powerless to stop Apple from sharing its users’ data in this manner. However, as long as you stream songs on Apple Music, you will continue to receive your receipt, so there is nothing to complain about. Apple Music is more endorsed than Spotify because of its audio quality. Dolby Atmos music, which has high-quality sounds similar to those found in movies and music, is now available to consumers on Apple Music.

#3. Receiptify for

The other two streaming services don’t track your offline music players, like iTunes and Windows Media Player, like does. You can be tracked even if you are not constantly connected to the Internet. Before streaming took off, it was well-liked among music fans years ago. The history of the music you’ve listened to on is kept for every day, month, and year.

To know details how to use Receiptify visit here


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