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ABC’s ‘Night Court’ Reboot Casts The Perfect Combo


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Today is a great day for 80s and 90s fans. Not only are we getting a brand-new “Ghostbusters” movie, but we’re also getting a revival of one of our favorite shows from that era: “Night Court.” Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long to see it. The 10-episode sitcom is set to air on ABC this fall. The original series followed the antics of the staff and visitors at the New York City night court courthouse—a place where you can get arrested after dinner, get locked up and still not see daylight until the next afternoon. Harry Crawford (played by John Carroll O’Connor) was an optimistic judge who believed everyone was redeemable. If he couldn’t help them find their way through his frequent interventions, he would find ways to let them go free with another performance or service as collateral. Those new to the show may wonder why anyone would want to bring back such a niche show about court proceedings. But those who remember it know how funny it was. Here are 5 reasons why reviving Night Court is great news for TV fans. Read more night court reboot

The cast is already a perfect fit

One of the best things about this show is that it’s bringing back the original cast. John Carroll O’Connor will reprise his role as Harry. And yes, Harry’s hair has been updated for 2017. But he won’t be alone! The rest of the cast members are also coming back: Markie Post, Charles Robinson, Richard Moll and Marsha Warfield will all return to play their beloved characters.


More great news for TV fans

5 reasons why reviving Night Court is great news for TV fans: o It’s a beloved show from the 80s and 90s: The original series aired from 1984-1992 and was one of the most popular sitcoms on TV. It ranked in the top 10 during its first four seasons and continued to be a hit among viewers until its cancellation in 1992. o A lot of people are nostalgic for it: Night Court was so popular that it still airs on various channels around the world, and many people who didn’t see it when it originally aired love to binge-watch old episodes online. o You can enjoy all 10 episodes this fall: When the show was revived by NBC in 1994, they only aired 5 episodes before canceling it again. This new version will have double the amount of episodes as what we saw last time. o John Carroll O’Connor is coming back as Harry Crawford: He’ll be playing his iconic role, which he played during the original series’ nine-year run on NBC. o The cast includes other big names: Harry Connick Jr., Carrie Preston, John Larroquette, Markie Post and more.


It will bring back some of our favorite sitcoms from the 80s and 90s

Night Court is a great show to bring back because it’s not the only sitcom that aired on TV in the 1980s and 1990s. Shows like “The Golden Girls,” “Cheers” and “Seinfeld” are just some of the many favorites from that time period. But those aren’t the only shows that Night Court is bringing back. The show will also have former cast members from “Diff’rent Strokes,” “Family Ties” and “The Facts of Life.” So for all you fans who grew up with these sitcoms, this might be a bit of a nostalgia fest.


It’ll bring diversity to TV while also highlighting the work that still needs to be done

One of the many reasons why Night Court was such a popular show was because it represented a diverse group of people. This TV reboot will do the same, which is great news for the industry. But it’s also important to note that there are still plenty of areas where diversity needs to be better addressed, and this show would be a good place to start. For example, according to a study by The Hollywood Reporter, only 26 percent of TV roles go to actors from traditionally underrepresented groups. Addressing these issues will help improve representation in the media while also highlighting some of the work that still needs to be done.


More proof that reboots aren’t going away anytime soon

Night Court was originally a hit in the 80s and 90s, so it makes sense for ABC to bring it back. The network is making a show about a court case that deals with all the things people go to court for, but it’s not your typical courtroom drama like Law & Order or CSI. It’s funny and lighthearted, and has been called “delightful.” The return of this show is yet another sign that reboots aren’t going away anytime soon. Nostalgia is taking over Hollywood, and these reboots are doing really well. Some of the most popular reboots are Fuller House, Gilmore Girls and Roseanne. Another reason why Night Court is great news for TV fans is because many people appreciate shows they grew up watching while they were young. That’s why they’re bringing back all of these old shows from their childhood. These reboots are being made to appeal to those who grew up with them as kids, but will also be enjoyable for new audiences too—which means there’s more content out there that we can enjoy nowadays!

The multi-camera Night Court is inspired by Reinhold Weege’s original show and follows outspoken optimist judge Abby Stone (Rauch). She is the daughter of the late Harry Stone and presides over the night duty of a Manhattan arraignment court, attempting to restore order to its crew of oddballs and cynics, following in her father’s footsteps. Former night court prosecutor Dan Fielding is one of them, with Larroquette resuming his role.

And finally, it’ll let us see more of Mark-Paul Gosseihas.

Night Court is known for two things: Harry and Mark-Paul. The bromance between the two was one of the show’s best qualities. And with O’Connor passing away in 2014, it will be nice to see more of Gosseith as Harry’s now grown-up son.


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