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5 smart and bluetooth speakers which are perfectly stylish 


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Speakers are essential gadgets nowadays with several purposes. Whether it’s a house party, picnic, friend gathering or simply a chilling night, you need them to play your favorite sounds. These are the 10 coolest Bluetooth speakers that you might consider getting one right now. 

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Source: Amazon

Amazon surely has some stunning speakers including its latest Echo Dot with Alexa and a clock display. It is an upgraded version of the normal Echo with a clock so you can basically check time anytime. Notwithstanding, globe-shaped speakers are currently trending and Amazon has stepped in. Besides being a quite good speaker, it is also a great decoration for your bedroom, living room or any space within your house. 

Apple HomePod mini 

Source: Digital Sky

Talking stylish, it’s obviously Apple. For any Apple fans, this HomePod mini is so far a great addition to your Apple-centric household. For a $100 speaker, it is definitely not the best sounding speaker. Moreover, it is not wireless and requires a USB-C connector for use. So its capsule design is basically its best feature. Moreover, it works perfectly with Siri. The great convenience is that it plays music through Airplay therefore you might freely browse and your music is not interrupted like other Bluetooth speakers. 

Marshall Emberton 

Source: TranDu

Marshall is basically one of the best when it comes to the sound. Moreover, its design is always retro and stylish. Emberton is a small, portable version which might be perfectly suitable for a picnic or a small room. Its battery might last for over 20 hours while fully charged. This speaker is also waterproof which might be submerged into water for 30 minutes. 

JBL Pulse 5 

Source: V2H

JBL Pulse 5 is the latest model just released this summer from Samsung-owned JBL. It is the most eye-catching portable Bluetooth speaker that you might have ever seen with a 360-degree design. Most significantly, what makes the JBL Pulse series special is its light show. It’s perfect for a night party and may sync the colors to the beat of your music. For this reason, it might be also used as a lamp for your bedroom and is cooler than any lamp you could have. 

Sony SRS-XB33 

Source: YouTube

The Japanese company is well-known for its quality including sound. This is a portable, wireless speaker from Sony’s EXTRA BASS lineup. The greatest thing about this speaker is its customizable RGB lights that might pull off a fantastic light show. It might not be as colorful as JBL Pulse 5, otherwise Sony’s sound is considered remarkable. You can bring it to a picnic or a night out and it can easily do its job. 

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